Smart Online Postal Mail Scanning and Forwarding Service


Online Mail Management

Scan Mailboxes gives you complete control over your mail deliveries online. With Scan Mailboxes, you can manage your mail remotely from any location with complete security. Review the image online and decide how you want the item handled.

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Overview of Online Mail Management. View all of your scanned envelopes here.

Multiple Users Account (Optional)

You can add multiple users account for an additional $5 per account per month through your Scan Mailboxes account, either as individuals or businesses. You can assign them a username and Scan Mailboxes will send them a password and access to a sub-account in which they can receive their own mail.

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Create multiple users account. If you have a mail for other person in your inbox, you can simply transfer that envelope to the right user.

Unlimited Recipients

Under your single user account, you can have unlimited names (recipients) at no additional cost. It's easy to add them in your account online.

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Add unlimited number of names/recipients to your Scan Mailboxes account at no extra cost.

Envelope Scan

Once we receive your mail or parcel, we'll scan your envelope or take a digital image of your parcel's label. You will receive an alert via email and you can view the scans online in your account.

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Email notification with scanned image of envelope.

Secure Storage

Storage of original mail is free for the first thirty (30) days. If you need storage for a longer period of time, you can do so for only $0.30 per envelope per month and keep your home or office free from clutter.

Secure storage, accessible only by authorized Scan Mailboxes employees.

Mail Archiving

Scan Mailboxes stores the scanned images of envelopes and any requested document content scans automatically in your account. You have access to these images for as long as your account remains active. You can sort them into folders, attach them to emails, download them to your computer, or delete them when they are no longer needed.

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Add new folders and put specific envelopes into folders anytime!


We help you automate your online mail management at a whole new level. The filters option allows you to designate certain mail items to be stored in specific folders. You can even request automated operations such as scan, shred, recycle or forward.

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Create automation workflow.

Open and Scan Contents

Per your request, we can open and scan the contents of your mail then deliver it to you online, protecting your privacy with industry standard encryption.

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Example of open and scan content images. 

Selective Mail Forwarding

Our selective forwarding service ensures that you receive only the mail that you really want. You simply choose which items you want, where and when you want them sent, and we'll forward them on to any destination in the world - it's that easy!

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Mail forwarding wizard.

Parcel Hold

We'll hold your parcel until you come in and pick it up at no additional cost.

FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, UPS, DHL, and United States Postal Service USPS

Shred and Recycle

We offer unlimited shredding at our own facility. We understand that many financial or personal documents are confidential and will be shredded to prevent identity theft. We use security level P-5 micro-cut commercial shredders in-house. We do not just toss your sensitive mail in the shred bin to be hauled off to an off-site or on-truck shredding service. 

Security level P-5 micro-cut shredder

On-Demand Delivery (Optional)

No time to stop by our office to pick up your items? We can provide On-Demand Delivery service within a 10 mile radius from our office on Monday through Friday. The service charge is $20.00 per delivery. You will receive an email notification with the estimated time of your package's arrival or we can schedule an appointment for drop-off if needed. We're flexible!

On-demand delivery.

Unlimited Check Deposit Service (Optional)

Electronic and automatic check deposit services from Scan Mailboxes will eliminate the need to stand in line at your bank - just tell us which account you want your checks deposited to, and we'll take care of the rest. The monthly fee for the unlimited check deposit service is $30.00.

Check deposit service

Comparison Chart

Scan MailboxesPost OfficePrivate Mailbox***Executive Suite
Price Starts at:$9.95/mo$5.30/mo + gas/time$20/mo + gas/time$85/mo + gas/time
First Month Free!YesNoNoNo
No Setup FeeYesYesNoNo
Contract FreeYesNoNoNo
Super Time SaverYesNoNoNo
Save GasYesNoNoNo
Email NotificationYesNoNoNo
View Your Mail OnlineYesNoNoNo
Envelope Scan Only (Default)YesNoNoNo
Open and Scan Requests (Optional)YesNoNoNo
Unlimited Check Deposit Service*YesNoNoNo
On-Demand Delivery*YesNoNoNo
Registered Agent Service*YesNoNoNo
Parcel Hold from all couriersYesUSPS OnlyYesYes
Selective Mail Forwarding Service*YesNoVariesVaries
Free Notary Public (Austin, TX Only)**YesNoNoNo

*An additional service charge
**Scan Mailboxes subscribers only
***The UPS Store, Pakmail, PostNet, etc...